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Highly competitive with huge performance and capacity

From ingesting and editing 4K/8K video and data to post-production and long-term archive, GB Labs is known for safe, secure, reliable, and incredibly FAST solutions. FastNAS Generation 2 is the best in class, with speeds up to 4000MB/s and unique technologies.

All FastNAS platforms benefit from best of breed technology, exclusively developed in-house using 20 years of shared storage experience. It's flexible, simple and easy to deploy in any environment. Unlike other NAS products, FastNAS is purpose built to sustain heavy workloads and provide stable and reliable performance so you can focus on being creative.

Unify Hub a Global Unified File System


Its all-in-one approach not only delivers high performance, it includes many media-centric tools that are powerful and easy to use. FastNAS combines NVME and spinning disk technology to deliver incredible performance at an attractive price point.

FastNAS supports simultaneous tasks including

  • Editing
  • Backup
  • Archive
  • Cloud workflows
  • Home working

All at the same time.

Unify Hub a Global Unified File System


The FastNAS Range

“As our workload increases, we are finding that we can do tasks that we just could not handle previously. Our GB Labs storage has not only allowed us to expand our capability, but it has given us much more creative freedom.”

Hyunju Lee

Team Manager at Digital Daesung


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