Remote Working

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Remote working has become far more prevalent since the pandemic period. One of the challenges when working with high-quality video is that it can be fairly unpredictable and inconvenient to work with remotely, with the requirement to transfer large files from place to place.

At GB Labs, we have developed technology to achieve something that is effective, convenient and simple to use - because we understand that creative people don’t like to be told ‘this is the way we work here’ or ‘you need to change the way that you work.’

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Our Approach

Our intelligent approach to a seamless remote workflow means you can still use your central storage no matter where in the world you are located, and we endeavour to make that as painless as possible in the background. The way we achieve this is by creating one true filesystem that's accelerated at end points to effectively offer the same file path around the world, whilst maintaining the kind of speeds that you need.

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